barb-in-storeThe concept of 2nd Ann Rose Consignment Boutique is the brainchild of Barbara Smith. Drawing from her previous experience in retail and non-profit consignment business, the original concept was to create a business that would help non-profit organizations and create a family business for her two daughters. Her initial involvement as a consultant, adviser and mentor to her daughters and husband in this venture evolved into taking full control of operations and management.

Barbara has over 35 years of experience in retail store management, advertising, consignment store management, marketing and experience as a buyer for the May company. Her engagements with May and Lane Bryant stores include hands-on work managing various departments including Cosmetics, Women’s Apparel, Luxury Goods etc.
Barbara has also worked with several consignment stores in Sarasota to help them with operational challenges and in each case helped them achieve profitability in a short period of time.

Whether you are a consignor looking to get the most for your items, a non profit organization looking for new sources of income, or a retail shopper looking for the best deals on new, and “2nd hand – like new” gorgeous designer clothing, home goods, furniture, handbags, jewelry and more, Barbara is the pro you are looking for.

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